Nancy Friedrich

Nancy Friedrich
In Memoriam (2015)

Nancy has over 30 years experience practicing the healing arts including midwifery, health education and therapeutic imagery. She has a special love for the wisdom ways of indigenous people and their healing methods.

She began this path with the realization that change was needed with Western medicine’s approach to birthing and pregnancy care. Having a strong instinct for holistic care, she became an advocate for women and in the 1980’s founded and directed a non-profit center for health education and counseling. The program integrated stress management, emotional support and self-care education, which led to excellent medical outcomes. Nancy was a leader in the midwifery movement that led to the licensure of a new category of midwives in California, the Professional Midwife. As a midwife, she provided comprehensive prenatal care and attended births for 19 years.

To further her healing skills she received training and in 1990 was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She continues to offer deep relaxation and therapeutic imagery sessions to women for birth preparation, as well for clients needing support for any life transition or improved health. Working with altered states for healing was a continual fascination and naturally brought her to the study of spirituality and the ancient wisdom ways of indigenous cultures. Her quest to find a tangible way to bring spiritual approaches to healing sessions, led her to study the Four Fold Way Program™ with cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., and to core shamanism with Michael Harner, Ph.D., and the FSS faculty. She is a graduate of the FSS Three Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. Nancy says of her shamanic experiences:

"I am grateful for the many experiences I have had learning about indigenous cross-cultural healing methods and how to integrate that wisdom into my life. I have consistently found that the shamanic journey enhances my spiritual path and relationship to nature and the web of life. When I was faced with a serious health issue I personally found shamanism to be deeply inspirational and empowering. I found extraordinary compassion and support readily available and extremely effective in helping me to accept my healing. This personal experience deepened my passion and desire to share the joys of direct revelation of wisdom and spiritual healing. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the teachings that have been so meaningful to me."

As an FSS Faculty member, Nancy joyfully offers her services to the Maui community and to the state of Hawaii. Nancy's FSS workshop students say:

"Nancy presents this treasured topic with much respect and ethics. Such an honored part of man's history, with so much depth and details, varied from all over the planet. She did a great job of establishing a firm foundation to this topic. Fun mysterious, provided sharing and camaraderie and a lot of work on another level."

"Nancy's knowledge is solid, her style is gentle, she is accessible and authentic, and everything flowed beautifully."

"Loving and compassionate experience. Learning in a safe environment. Excitement! Nancy is warm and compassionate and gives everyone encouragement. I felt like I succeeded and had fun in the process."

"I had a wonderful experience because our teacher was so knowledgeable and connected. She really helped me to understand the process."

Nancy continues her exploration of cross-cultural wisdom tools and shares the healing methods in support groups and to individuals through shamanic counseling and in private healing sessions.