Gizelle Rhyon-Berry

Gizelle Rhyon-Berry, M.A.Ed.

On a chance meeting with a gypsy woman in her native Hungary at the age of fourteen, Gizelle was introduced to a mysterious other world. Of all the possible entrances to the lower world, her portal was a stinging nettle patch. Following this life-changing encounter, she embarked on a journey around the world, and through formal and self-directed studies of many subjects, she faithfully practiced the old gypsy's advice. Among many profound things she told her: "Never be afraid to step into the dark, for it contains all possibilities.

While studying fine arts as a sculptor, she discovered the art and spiritual life of the Canadian Inuit. On her subsequent travels to the arctic and living among those most remarkable people, the ancient ways of their shamans inspired her to undertake a last journey to find a teacher. On this last journey she met Michael Harner.

Today she is the Research Associate for the FSS, working on the MONOR project preserving its valuable collection housed at the Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory in Novato, CA. She has done field work among the Inuit and, as an FSS Faculty member, she offers courses in Western Canada.

"It has been a great honor to work in close association with Michael on this most valuable mission. It's a pioneering work, singular in the world, not only in collecting and preserving the oldest and newest cross-cultural shamanic knowledge, but also distilling its essence and disseminating it through teaching to assist our troubled world. It is an honor indeed.

Gizelle's students say:

"I have attended various workshops facilitated by Gizelle. I cannot say enough about the depth of wisdom she carries, the naturalness of her skills and the delightfulness of her being; all which are infused into even the minutest aspects of her work. Gizelle is passionate about the shamanic path. Her passion ignites me as a workshop participant to take the work seriously while at the same time her sense of humour helps me to relax and enjoy it. I continue to look for opportunities to take workshops from her."

"Gizelle is a gifted instructor who has wealth of knowledge and experience. Her teaching positively inspires her students both spiritually and intellectually and her classes are often life changing events."