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  • Preserve and revive indigenous shamanism
  • Provide urgent indigenous assistance where needed
  • Research shamanic healing and other nonordinary explorations through the Mapping of Nonordinary Reality (MONOR) project
  • Preserve irreplaceable shamanic knowledge in the Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory
  • Revive shamanism in the West and East
  • Support workshop scholarships for native peoples
  • Provide stipends for gifted indigenous shamans through our Living Treasures program
  • Continue our workshops and advanced programs, the gold standard for contemporary core shamanic training

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An Invitation to the Circle of the Foundation
Michael Harner
Susan Mokelke

We would like personally to invite you to join us or extend your membership in the Circle of the Foundation. As a Member of the Circle, you will receive many valuable benefits — including the scholarly journal Shamanism, FSS store discounts, workshop tuition discounts, access to special web content, and more — that support your interest in shamanism and shamanic healing, as well as helping to preserve irreplaceable shamanic knowledge.

In these difficult times, shamanism is more needed than ever. We welcome your continued support in the restoration of shamanic consciousness and healing on our threatened planet. Please join or renew today.

With gratitude for your support,

Michael Harner

Susan Mokelke


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When you become a member of the Circle of the Foundation, you receive many useful benefits to support your interest in and practice of shamanism, including member discounts on FSS store items and workshops, the FSS scholarly annual journal Shamanism, interactive live webinar-conferences, and access to the FSS Circle articles and audio/video on

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