NEW 14th West Three-Year Program Begins October 26 – 31, 2014 – taught by Amanda Foulger, and featuring Michael Harner, in the San Francisco Bay Area

Michael Harner’s
14th West Coast Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
Begins October 26 – 31, 2014
Northern Marin – San Francisco Bay Area


Assisted by Beth Beurkens

Michael Harner plans to be present in person or by live interactive video conference to teach one morning each session.

“The Three-Year Program has changed my life on a cellular level. It has been the best experience of my life!” – A Recent Graduate

“I love my life now. Since I’ve been doing this work, I have a deep sense of my purpose on this planet. That is not something I thought I would ever have. My life is deep, purposeful, profound and fun!”
– Three Year Program Participant

Originated by Michael Harner, this course is the most advanced training in shamanism and shamanic healing offered by the Foundation and generally is considered unparalleled in the world. It involves intensive extended training in progressively higher levels of very advanced shamanism, including initiations into rare and little-known practices and principles.

In this residential program, the same group of participants meets for a week twice a year (usually May and October) for three years, with practical assignments between meetings. The program is devoted to the objective of advancing the participants’ knowledge and practice as far as possible during the three years. Enrollment is limited. Sessions are held at a retreat center; on-site lodging and meals will be arranged during registration.

For more information, as well as prerequisites required

For registration information, fill out Workshop Interest form.

Contact: Michael Flanagin
Journeywork (R) Institute
(503) 282-6315
fax: (503) 961-1699

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