Shamanic Training in Creativity

Weekend Workshop

Sandra Harner’s

Petroglyph Derksen

The first public offering of this new workshop was held August 20-21, 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The enthusiastic group of participants left with new methods for accessing creativity personally and for the benefit of others and their communities.

This workshop is now being offered in locations throughout the US and Canada – check the website for a calendar of offerings.

Workshop Description. Creativity is so ancient that it is at once fundamental and complex, even a driving force in our lives. Shamanism brings a fresh approach to Westerners for cultivating their creative potential. In this workshop, based on years of research, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their creativity through the practice of shamanic methods. Selected historical and anthropological examples will illustrate connections between shamanism and creative abilities, and a variety of specific shamanic exercises will be taught that participants can apply to their personal lives. Learn more

Prerequisite: FSS Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman, Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing.


NEW! Shamanic Dreamwork™ – Weekend Workshop

We are pleased to announce Shamanic Dreamwork, a new workshop researched and developed by Michael Harner.

First Public Offering was taught by Michael Harner, assisted by Susan Mokelke, in August of 2010. Michael presented his recently formulated “A Core Shamanic Theory of Dreams.”

Additional dates and locations for Shamanic Dreamwork can be found on the website.

In this unique experiential workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the nature, meaning, and use of dreams among shamanic peoples, with dreamwork practices from a range of cultures. Researched and developed by Michael Harner, subjects to be covered include shamanic dream theory and big dreams, as well as dreams and the soul, spirits, shamanic journeys, the Dreamtime, and the vision quest. You will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to contemporary life, including the use of dreams in divination, health, and healing.

Prerequisite: the FSS Basic Workshop, with authorized FSS Faculty Member.