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Learning shamanism is not just a matter of acquiring methods, but also of increasing spiritual power and knowing how to use it. From the shamanic point of view, people who are not spiritually "power-filled” are prone to illness, accidents, and misfortune. Anyone who has had a traumatic experience may lose a portion of their soul, of their spiritual essence. There are also other reasons this may occur. In this workshop, participants will learn about soul loss and soul retrieval from a shamanic perspective. There will be a particular emphasis on the importance of shamanic power to do successful soul retrieval. Participants will also learn how to re-empower a client’s soul after it has been returned so that the client is once again spiritually power-filled, leading to greater health and well-being. This soul retrieval training is based on worldwide core principles and methods. It does not require Western psychological perspectives and practices.

PREREQUISITE FSS WORKSHOPS: Because effective soul retrieval practice is based in shamanic power, which comes from strong connections with helping spirits and advanced practice in shamanism, participation in this program requires these prerequisites: 1. Shamanic Extraction Healing AND Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond; OR 2. Completion of the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive (offered annually on both coasts of the USA).

What people are saying:

"Amazing! So direct, clear, concise."

"This workshop really deepened my understanding of soul retrieval and of the sacred."

"A concise and simple approach to power in healing."

"This was a very positive, healing and enlightening experience."


We are the fortunate heirs of a great and venerable spiritual tradition, shamanism, many thousands of years old, with core principles and practices that are universal or common for one simple reason: they work. Among them is soul retrieval, found widely in shamanic cultures.

Dr. Harner learned how to do soul retrieval in 1961 while living among the Amazonian Conibo and brought it to the West. The Conibo taught him that every part of a person had its own soul, and that soul retrieval could be done for any portion of the person that had been injured or traumatized. In The Way of the Shaman,* he wrote of recovering “vital souls” to heal comatose persons and persons suffering from traumas, noting that this method can also be used “to heal patients by retrieving lost portions of their vital souls.”

Michael began training students in soul retrieval at least as early as June 25 - 27, 1982, as part of an Intermediate Workshop (no longer existing under that name) inside a cave in Grottoes, Virginia. Among the 31 students in that memorable location was Dana Robinson, now a longtime FSS faculty member, who recalls:

"In Grottoes, we did a considerable amount of shamanic work inside a large cave that we walked into a couple of times each day. During one session in the cave, you taught us a soul retrieval technique, and we helped a young man who had spent some time in a mental institution years before.

I remember other events from that weekend 30 years ago, but the soul retrieval journey, the beauty of that cave, and the great teacher that we had stand out the most in my memory."

*The Way of the Shaman (HarperSanFrancisco edition, pages 71 – 72, 93, 99; HarperOne edition, pages, 92, 119, 126.)

All of the Foundation's programs are based on Michael Harner's pioneering work in core shamanism—more than 50 years of research, experimentation, development, and teaching. The resulting workshops and training programs embody the authentic, ethical, and effective practice of shamanism and shamanic healing and are widely considered as unparalleled in the world.

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United States
May 16-17, 2015
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Elaine Egidio Liz Sullivan
Jun 06-07, 2015
Lawrence, Kansas
Ellen Winner Marta Schwartz
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Jul 18-19, 2015
Montpelier Area, Vermont
Nan Moss Peter Clark
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Aug 15-16, 2015
Buffalo, New York
Nan Moss Helen Lebel
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Oct 10-11, 2015
St. Louis, Missouri
Dana Robinson Dana Robinson
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Oct 31-Nov 01, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin
Timothy Cope Gerrie Ordaz
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Dec 05-06, 2015
Arlington, Texas
Charles Conatser Charles W. Conatser
(806) 790-4128
Jul 18-19, 2015
Windsor, Ontario,
Glenn Campbell Glenn Campbell
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Oct 03-04, 2015
Peterborough, Ontario,
Glenn Campbell Glenn Campbell
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United Kingdom
Dec 19-20, 2015
London, England
Simon Buxton The Sacred Trust
(44) 01258 840392
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Jun 10-11, 2015
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Kevin Turner
English only
Kevin Turner
(81) 75-823-4379 or 0183-5336-5056
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