Foundation for Shamanic Studies Field Associates and Staff Associates

The FSS has a network of specialists in shamanism throughout the world to help save indigenous shamanic knowledge in imminent danger of being lost. The FSS also responds to requests from native peoples to help revive and maintain their own shamanic traditions. This work is accomplished largely through the Foundation's extensive international network of Field Associates and Faculty who are now operating on five continents.


FSS Field Associates

Dr. Yevgeniya Alekseyenko (Siberia)
Tom Anderson (Audio-Visual Field Documentation)
Robert F. Bailey (Southeast Asia, Eastern and Southern Africa)
Ian Baker (Nepal and Tibet)
Dr. Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer (Siberia)
Dr. Bill Brunton (Western North America)
Winfield Coleman (Indigenous Western North America)
Dr. Dmitrij Funk (Siberia)
Susan Grimaldi (Audio-Visual Field Documentation)
Dr. Mihály Hoppál (Eurasia)
Dr. Valentina Kharitonova (Siberia)
Dr. Daniel A. Kister (Korea)
Irene Lo (Southeast Asia, Eastern and Southern Africa)
Dr. Bill Lyon (Indigenous Western North America)
Tamia Marg-Anderson (Audio-Visual Field Documentation)
Dr. Jeremy Narby (Upper Amazon)
Dr. Elena Novik (Siberia)
Dr. Juha Pentakäinen (Northern Eurasia)
Dr. Larry G. Peters (Nepal)
Mark Seidenfeld (West Africa)
Kun Shi (China)
Dr. Sarah C. Sifers (Nepal)
Gary Spanovich (Wovoka Memorial Project)
Dr. Graham Townsley (Upper Amazon)
Dr. Edith L. Turner (Africa and Alaska)
Kevin Turner (Asia)
Kira Van Deusen (Siberia)
Dr. Marilyn Walker (Southeast Asia, Siberia, and northern North America)
Dr. Martha Ward (Oceania)
Dr. Robin M. Wright (Northwest Amazonia)

FSS Staff Associates

Staff Associates are volunteers who have made substantial contributions of time and expertise to the work of the Foundation.

Dr. John R. Lawrence, Jr. (Audio-Visual Documentation)

Pau Pasang Rhichoe
Living Treasure Pau Pasang Rhichoe (Tibetan shaman)
Photo by Sarah Sifers


Living Treasure Siqingua
(Daur shaman)
Photo by Meng Huiying