Janet Rodriguez

Janet Rodriguez, PsyD

I am a retired psychotherapist who discovered shamanism and witnessed that the practices have better results than the psychological methods I was taught. All of my life, I was in search of something I felt was missing; I wasn't certain what that was, I only knew I hadn't found it. In my search, I began meditating in my twenties, studied Buddhism, Christianity, obtained a doctorate in clinical psychology, studied various forms of energetic healing, Pranayama Breathwork, and explored other spiritual modalities and fields of study.

I was a psychotherapist and taught theological reflection and am a licensed minister and an artist. When I discovered shamanism, I felt I'd come home. I found that "piece" I had always felt was missing in my heart. I have witnessed miracles and have seen lives transform. I feel this work can and does alleviate pain and suffering. It also provides an expanded perspective, bringing knowledge and wisdom to our struggling world.

Once I found the Foundationís classes, I took every course offered, some more than once. My psychotherapy work somehow naturally shifted into a shamanic practice. Michael Harner has said, "What's really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover...we are not alone." I have found this to be true, life transforming, indescribably empowering and most endearing.

I consider it the most meaningful work of my life, and am most honored to now teach these practices to others.

My website: connectwithspirit.info

Janet's students say:

Janet is clear sharing information and transmits integrity through her work. She was very helpful from the beginning to the end. I feel a lot of gratitude for being part of this amazing workshop and I am looking forward to extending my learning in the near future.

Janet was able to answer questions and gracefully direct us to journey for additional answers.

I didn't know what to expect and I was a bit apprehensive, but I am now practicing my journeying every day and I'm loving the new powers and opportunities of enlightenment.

Amazing! Canít wait for another class with Janet! Left full of information to process! I also felt safe. Janet is an amazing teacher filled with such precise information and with an open mind to all questions expressed.

Humble, heart-centered teaching, detailed explanations, organized — the group felt united.

Empowering, powerful, enlightening, moving, inspiring — loved it! Janet was very clear, concise, knowledgable and never judgmental. A wonderful teacher! I cannot wait to take another, more advanced course.