Robbie Staufer

Robbie Staufer, M.A., M.S.

I came to Colorado from California in 1979, and have been living in Boulder since 1988. I grew up in the L.A. area, and was drawn inland by my love of the Rocky Mountains.

My interest in shamanism began as a simple desire to understand power animal medicine. Disaffected with my experiences of organized religion, I wondered whether a form of spirituality existed that would feel as natural to me as the air I breathed. When I read in Michael Harnerís seminal book, The Way of the Shaman, that shamanism has been practiced nearly universally across the globe and throughout time, I suddenly felt that, spiritually speaking, I had come home. I felt surrounded by a host of ancestors, and determined to learn all I could from them.

One thing led to another in my explorations, and on the advice of a wise friend, I took the Foundation for Shamanic Studies initial workshop The Way of the Shaman® with Alicia Gates. With time, an understanding of my spiritual path grew, and I pursued advanced training with the FSS. I subsequently graduated from the Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and the Three-Year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.

Since then, I have remained deeply involved in learning from my spirit teachers and power animals, and from life and the world around me. I also express abiding gratitude to my human teachers, Michael Harner, Alicia Gates, and Amanda Foulger.

Robbie's students say:

Robbie is gentle, quiet, and thorough. She is really good at this -- well-prepared and relaxed, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable.

Fully knowledgeable of the subject matter and presented material in heartfelt warm manner. Very engaging.

Robbie is a teacher of deep integrity and compassionate power.

Robbie's two greatest assets as a teacher are her superb organization of the experiences and material and her compassionate, clear responses to participant's questions. Outstanding!

I'm so struck by your dedication to all of your students. Thank you so much for believing in me ... and for the compassion and thoughtfulness you put into your work. It is so powerful.

Robbie is a fantastic teacher. She's very knowledgeable and communicates information skillfully.

Robbie really embodies the practices and the ethical behavior of the Foundation's work.

Robbie gave us the foundation, but did not build the structure for us -- she allowed us to build our own.

In addition to an ongoing shamanic healing practice, I facilitate a bimonthly drumming circle, and sponsor the FSS Colorado workshops taught by Amanda Foulger. I work as a freelance web developer, and also love writing, watercolor painting, and a cappella singing. I have a Masters in German language and literature from Cal State Fullerton, and a Masters in Information Systems from Regis University in Denver. At the doctoral level, I have studied medieval languages, literature and art, philosophy, and comparative literature at various universities from U.C.L.A. to C.U. Boulder to Yale.

I have many years of teaching experience at the college and university level, and am very pleased to offer this experience in the service of the Foundation. For more information on FSS workshops offered in Colorado, please visit my website.