Robert Ulicny

Robert Ulicny was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He presently works as a paramedic and has done so for the past 30 years. Bob thoroughly enjoys this work and the many challenges it presents.

Bob has always felt a connection to spirit and sensed from a young age that all things are alive. This motivated him to search for a deeper personal connection with the world around him. He was always the kid who would rather be off in the woods talking to the trees. But he also found himself helping others who had hurt themselves in the schoolyard at recess.

Bob discovered like-minded people when, with a sequence of synchronistic events, he discovered Core Shamanism. He was led to take the FSS introductory workshop, The Way of the Shaman® with Glenn Campbell. Since that time Bob has taken weekend workshops offered by the Foundation, as well as the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive with Nan Moss and the Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanism with Susan Mokelke.

In Bob's shamanic practice he works with the compassionate helping spirits to provide shamanic treatments for others. His familiarity with death and dying has drawn him to help those transitioning this world. Using psychopomp methods he guides the souls of the deceased to where they want and need to be to continue their soul's journey.

Bob has a shamanic healing practice in Windsor and is currently an FSS faculty member, teaching Foundation weekend workshops in the Windsor area of southwestern Ontario, Canada.