Gathering of the Circle of the Foundation, January 25-26, 2019

An inspiring in-person gathering of the membership of the Foundation took place in January 2019. The theme of this year’s meeting was “coming together to help create a vibrant future for our community and the planet.”

Thai Lersi Hermit Shamans
Ibu Gambuh, the Resurrected Shaman of Bali
with Kevin Turner

We began on Friday evening with a fascinating presentation by Kevin Turner, Director for Asia, on the Thai Lersi Hermit Shamans. Using video clips, Kevin provided a look at how the Lersi, among other methods, use amulets and tattooing for healing and protection. The evening concluded with video and commentary on Kevin’s experience with Ibu Gambuh, the Resurrected Shaman of Bali, as she performed extended extraction healings.

Creating a Vibrant Future
Report on the Legacy Project, Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory

On Saturday morning, Susan Mokelke, FSS president set the context for the day, taking a look at the Foundation’s history and development and where we are now. She discussed the relevance of shamanism today, and the critical need to bring the wisdom of the spirits to our communities and world—not only for healing, but to restore balance, unity, and harmony to carry us into the future. Sandra Harner, vice president and Director of the Shamanic Knowledge conservatory, gave us an inspiring message about the Foundation’s ongoing work and future potential. She announced exciting news about the preservation of Michael Harner’s library and personal papers by the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. View the video.

Shamanism and the Living Universe
with Duane Elgin

Social visionary, internationally recognized speaker, and author (

Duane Elgin spoke to the importance of shamanic wisdom in a universe where everything is alive. He provided a look at the deeper trends that underlie what we see happening on the surface in our societies. He addressed some of the practical implications of a living universe, and how we would relate effectively to people, all of nature, and the universe itself, if we understood this fundamental truth. Duane finished with a message of inspiration and hope, offering a model of where humanity is in our development and suggesting possibilities for our maturation as a species and creating a future that nurtures all life. View the video.

Dialog and Discussion: Creating a Vibrant Future

Stimulated by Duane’s presentation, we broke into several smaller groups for a dynamic discussion of what a vibrant future would look like for our community and our Earth. A spokesperson for each of the groups shared ideas raised by group participants.


Tim Cope leading session, Wisdom from Our Wild Relations

Breakout sessions with FSS Faculty

After lunch, four FSS faculty members led small groups in experiencing a shamanic practice of personal interest to them, which they had developed.
Charles Conatser – “A Shamanic Approach to Addressing Unfinished Business
with the Deceased”
Tim Cope – “Wisdom from Our Wild Relations”
Elaine Egidio – “Shamanism and Healing Movement”
Amanda Foulger – “Bringing Heart to our Lives & Practice”

The Dream Dance

The day ended with an experience of the Dream Dance. Susan Mokelke provided background and history of the Foundation’s involvement and instructions. Attendees took part in the dance, asking the ancestors for a vision of a vibrant future for our world. Participants were then invited to share their visions with the group—with many touching, inspiring, and hopeful contributions.

Our Continuing Work, A Statement from FSS President Susan Mokelke

Remembering Michael
Continuing Michael Harner’s work in the Foundation
A Statement from FSS President Susan Mokelke

Michael and Sandra Harner’s focus has always been on the work itself, as stated in the Foundation’s mission: “Dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants.” They, along with the Board of Trustees, had the wisdom more than a decade ago to imagine this time of change and to carefully and meticulously prepare and train the faculty, staff, and a new president to carry the mission forward seamlessly. The Foundation is in good heart and is thriving and growing, fostering the current and next generation of shamanic healers and practitioners. Read the statement.

FSS Holiday Hours, December 2018

The administrative office will be closed starting Friday, December 21, 2018 and will reopen Tuesday, January 2, 2019, so that we may enjoy the holidays with our families. For information during that time, check this website. Email will be checked on a limited basis. We look forward to meeting again in 2019.

Have a peaceful and joyous holiday and New Year!

View our holiday wishes for you.

New Issue of Shamanism, December 2018

The new FSS journal Shamanism (Issue 31, December 2018) is now available. Members, look for the issue in your mailbox soon. Download a sample, the FSS News 2018 section.

In this issue:

  • Remembering Michael
  • The Life and Work of Michael Harner
  • The Reluctant Shaman of Bali
  • Harner Shamanic Counseling: A Case Study
  • My Unlikely Journey in Shamanism
  • Shamanism and Ecology
  • Waiting for Inca God: Culture, Myth, and History
  • FSS News, Member Directory, Drumming Circles, and more

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In Memoriam: MICHAEL J. HARNER, 1929 – 2018

December 2018

Remembering Michael
Continuing Michael Harner’s work in the Foundation
A Statement from FSS President Susan Mokelke
& The Life and Work of Michael Harner by Andreas J. Hirsch, Ph.D.
© Shamanism Annual, December 2018, Issue 31

April 23, 2018

Remembering Michael Harner: A memorial celebration of the life and work of Michael Harner, 1929 – 2018. A recording of the live stream of the event held on April 14, 2018 in northern California is now available to view free online.

February 3, 2018

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Michael Harner, Founder of the FSS and originator of Core Shamanism, transitioned early in the morning of February 3.

He was supported in the days prior to his passage by his loving wife Sandra Harner and his devoted family. He passed peacefully out of this world and on to the next.

Michael’s legacy lives on in this world through all of you — his tens of thousands of students and practitioners of shamanism. His work will continue into the future through the educational efforts of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

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In memoriam, “The Way of a Shaman” — from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe.

Yours in spirit,
Susan Mokelke

About Michael Harner