The Foundation for Shamanic Studies is “dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants.” Underpinning this mission is the understanding that all beings are related and interdependent. This fundamental truth guides our decisions at all times, and is the reason we see our responsibility for the safety of the community as a sacred priority.

It is this perspective that underlies our decision to require full Covid vaccination for anyone attending in-person workshops at this time. We hope this is a temporary decision, and we remain alert to any changes in the situation that indicate it is safe to move towards a more flexible position.

The FSS continues to follow the science and statistics about vaccine effectiveness and safety from multiple reputable sources. We understand that there are conflicting viewpoints about vaccination in general, and especially Covid vaccinations. We respect everyone’s right to make a personal decision about this. For those who, for whatever reasons, have decided to remain unvaccinated, we encourage you to enjoy our extensive online trainings for now, and we hope that you will feel comfortable returning to our in-person trainings in the future, if and when it becomes possible to revise our current policy.

This has been a difficult time for all of us—FSS staff, faculty, and students. We are a community, all dedicated to walking this beautiful path of shamanism. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the constantly shifting landscape of the Covid pandemic.

Meanwhile, it is our responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible at our in-person workshops. To this end, we have put the following policies in place.

FSS VACCINATION POLICY. Participants and faculty are required to be fully vaccinated to attend FSS in-person two-day workshops in 2022.* A booster, while not required for the two-day workshops, is highly recommended.* Note: FSS faculty are independent contractors and some may require a booster for attendance at their workshops. The FSS vaccination/booster policy will be reviewed as the Covid situation changes. Waiver/proof of vaccination required during registration.


  1. Required to bring: Covid masks, at least one for each day of the training, or a high-quality reusable mask. (See A4).
  2. Recommended, if non-local/traveling from a distance: Bring at least 3 rapid (home) Covid tests with you. (See A5)
  3. Recommended: A “Mindfold” or other eye mask that blocks all light, yet permits eyes to be kept open. (See A6)
  4. If traveling from a distance, have a plan: If you become symptomatic or test positive during the training, you will need to leave the workshop. Consider hotels and accommodations if you need to isolate/quarantine. (See A8)

Here is what you will need and what to do before the meeting. For the safety of group members, please follow all recommendations responsibly.

  1. Get vaccinated. (Booster highly recommended but not required, unless faculty member requires it for their workshops.)
  2. Check the CDC Covid website regarding Covid safety and risks.
  3. Check Travel Links (domestic and international), and follow the recommendations. Out of respect for all participants, please wear a mask and take extra precautions to avoid infection while traveling.
  4. Bring a Covid mask for each day of the training, or a high-quality reusable mask. Depending on risk levels and the instructor’s risk assessment, students may or may not be required to wear a mask during the sessions. In any case, if you wish to wear a mask at any time, you may do so. Mask recommendations; role of face masks; when to wear a mask; disposable masks; reusable masks.
  5. Recommended if non-local/traveling from a distance: Bring at least 3 rapid Covid tests with you, in case you need to test yourself. About home test results.
  6. Recommended: Please bring a “Mindfold” or other eye covering with you. This special eye covering will permit us to do practices requiring a dark environment—where all light is blocked, yet eyes can remain open underneath the mask, while still maintaining adequate ventilation. Available via FSS, Amazon, and other retailers.
  7. Suggested: Hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes.
  8. Have a plan should you need to isolate/quarantine during or after the session. If you become symptomatic, you will have to leave the workshop. If you don’t live locally, consider nearby hotels.

Download detailed FSS COVID-19 SAFETY POLICIES for in-person two-day workshops with links to additional information.
*Full vaccination plus booster is required at this time for FSS in-person residential programs (Two Week Intensive, Three Year Program, Harner Shamanic Counseling).

The FSS reserves the right to adjust these COVID-19 policies as necessary, adding, changing, or removing requirements, for the safety of participants and effective teaching of its in-person workshops.