Online workshops are taught by experienced FSS FACULTY. FSS faculty are independent contractors who register the FSS workshops they teach.* To get started with your FSS online shamanic training, first look at the programs.


Shamanic Healing Online Training Program

Shamanic Knowledge & Power Series


Community Meetings (free)

Advanced In-Person Weekends Online Reviews (for graduates of in-person workshops)


  1. Select the workshop you wish to take from the online programs above.
  2. Click on the workshop link to see the description and schedule.
  3. Verify that you have met the prerequisites.
  4. To register, scroll down to the calendar listings and chose a workshop that fits your schedule.
  5. Contact the person listed as contact (usually the teacher), who will provide you with details about how to register, the tuition for the workshop, and meeting access instructions.

* NOTE: The FSS provides online workshop content, as well as on-going training and guidelines for FSS faculty members. As independent contractors, faculty members decide on their schedules and handle their registrations, including setting tuition within a recommended range provided by the FSS. For questions about the details for a specific workshops, please contact the instructor directly.